Emily & Cory’s reception took place at the same place as their ceremony (but NOT outside! =-) )  It was a nice mellow & relaxed reception with very welcoming and warm people.  I enjoyed photographing everyone there.   Most people were really welcoming to have their picture taken by the “wedding photographer”, and even if not, I usually was able to sneak in a quick shot with a nice smile as they talked with someone else ( “Thank you, Zoom lens!”).

The catering was awesome, as I was very familiar with KFC.  =)  The reception had a very nice & intimate feel to it.  The laid back atmosphere was a nice change for me, as it meant I had a bit of a chance to get to know the guests.  Typically at receptions I’m so busy taking pictures because of all the activities going on that I’ll grab some food to eat, but then will immediately have to set it down & take pictures.  From time to time I’ll be able to scoot back to the table to grab something, but only for a minute or two because I see something that would be great to photograph. =)

Below is a smattering of the wedding photography pictures taken at the reception.  If you would like to order any prints of these pictures, I will be posting a link on this blog post soon, once I have all of the software uploaded & ready to go. =)  So feel free to check back when possible.

Enjoy the wedding pictures! =)


Alaska wedding photography taken in wasilla from Emily and Cory’s wedding on December 30, 2009.

This is the fourth post in a series of 4 posts of the wedding photography from their wedding on Dec. 30, 2009.  These are the photographs taken at Emily & Cory’s reception.

I really enjoyed being at their wedding. The people there were great! I had many very positive & enjoyable conversations. I truly felt welcomed by all there at the wedding, even though nobody had ever met me before. =) If asked to do the wedding agin, I would definitely jump at the opportunity

I hope best wishes for all— especially Emily & Cory! =)