The ceremony turned out really well. It was beautiful doing wedding photography at such a beautiful location as Wasilla outdoors. When I first heard about the wedding being an outdoor wedding in December, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to photograph the wedding. I thought “What a cool idea to have an outdoor wedding in December.” As I got to thinking about it more & more, I realized that the word cool really meant what a COLD wedding this would be to photography.

Thankfully, the wedding ended up being during about 15-20 degrees F (-5 C for those Canadians not watching the Olympics :) ) so it wasn’t too bad. Of course, I had the luxury of wearing a jacket & looking ridiculous with two hats on my head. That’s right–two hats on my head! I looked ridiculous, but stayed warm! =)

The ceremony turned out really well & we got some really beautiful wedding photography shots, including some awesome shots of the couple walking down the aisle & confetti flying everywhere. It was an awesome moment to be a wedding photographer. =)


Sweet Action Trumpeter to usher in the party!!!

Alaska wedding photography taken in wasilla from Emily and Cory’s wedding on December 30, 2009.

This is the second post in a series of 4 posts of the wedding photography from their wedding on Dec. 30, 2009. There are a few of the pictures from photographed from the ceremony.

I really enjoyed being at their wedding. The people there were great! I had many very positive & enjoyable conversations. I truly felt welcomed by all there at the wedding, even though nobody had ever met me before. =) If asked to do the wedding agin, I would definitely jump at the opportunity

I hope best wishes for all— especially Emily & Cory! =)