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Wedding Photography
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Please, feel free to explore the different galleries of wedding photography.  Our style is fun, creative, unique, and photojournalistic, which means a minimal amount of intrusion into your wedding day.   Once you’ve had a look around please contact me in order to set up to reserve the date of your wedding day. =)  

Wedding Photography

Sweet Action Photographers | Alaska - Anchorage, Mat-Su, Kenai Pennisula, Fairbanks, Juneau, etc.

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Alaska Wedding Photography

Make your wedding photography experience fun and relaxed.  Experienced in wedding photojournalism and portrait photography, Sweet Action Photography loves capturing your true self!  Whether it’s wedding photography or  engagement photography we are here to be there for your special moments.  Many of our wedding photography packages include complimentary engagement sessions which are awesome to use for guest books signings and “save the date” cards for your wedding day.

Sweet Action Photography recognizes that your wedding day is not about all about the photographer.  It’s about YOU!!!   We value being respectful to everyone, and making sure that your wedding day goes perfectly without extra interference from us.  We feel it is very important to be working together to create the perfect wedding memories!  

If you are so kind as to oblige the Sweet Action Photographers with the opportunity to photograph your wedding day, we will happily create photos that convey the uniqueness of your magical moments.

Alaska Wedding Photojournalism 

Sweet Action Photographers | Alaska - Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, Mat-Su, Girdwood, Kenai, Soldotna, Seward, Fairbanks, Juneau, etc.

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Anchorage Alaska Wedding Photojournalism

You may be asking “What is wedding photojournalism?”

Wedding photojournalism is a newer approach to wedding photography than the traditional (and sometimes akward) stoic poses.  Wedding photojournalism is an approach to spontaneously capture candid and emotional moments.  It is similar to a photojournalist for a news or sports outlet, trying to capture the essence of the moment.  A wedding photojournalist typically shoots images using available light in order to create more natural looking photographs.

“Wedding photojournalists consider themselves to be photographic storytellers. Most wedding photojournalists value shooting techniques that minimize posing and scene manipulation. Their goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible while capturing the reality of the event with little interference. They focus on finding moments during a wedding that happen naturally…” (Wikipedia)

Are we wedding photojournalists?  Yes!  However, we also employ some traditional wedding photographer techniques as well.  It’s like getting the best of both worlds (wedding photojournalists and traditional wedding photographers).  Our main coverage will be photojournalistic in nature.  We try our best to stay out of the way, allow you to enjoy your special day and have fun.  Most brides and grooms still prefer to have group shots, which is a traditional style.    We fuse the styles together by getting couples set up with some fun ideas, and allow you the freedom to play around with the poses and create memorable shots that you will love years from now.  For a few examples see our creative wedding photography.

As a wedding photographer, our main goal at your wedding is to give you top-notch quality photographs for your wedding memories.  Our other goals are to give you a relaxed atmosphere, enjoyable wedding photographers.  We look for photographing everything from the most obvious to the smallest details that you spent your time in planning and creating.

We encourage the idea of having a wedding outside of the city or even a destination wedding, even though we are  wedding photographers based in Anchorage, Alaska.   In our opinion, getting outside of Anchorage, be it Girdwood or a destination wedding is awesome because you get to enjoy the celebration of your marriage at a wonderful and wild, and unique location.  If you're having a wedding outside of anchorage, or even a wedding outside in Anchorage, please contact us right away!

Artistic, Creative, & Fun Style 

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Anchorage, Alaska Portrait & Wedding Photography
Artistic, Creative, & Fun Style

Our style isn’t merely documentary or photojournalistic.  We have the most fun creating artistic, creative, and fun shots.  Artistic photography includes creative angles, lines, patterns, textures, and lighting make amazing photos.   Artistic and creative portrait & wedding photography often includes more post production to stylize the photos using effects such as  black and white, sepia, soft focus, glow,  black and white w/ just a specific section colored, etc.  Using these techniques appropriately can mean amazing photography.

Documentary Photography 

Alaska Documentary Portrait & Wedding Photography

wedding photographer documentary first look at bride    wedding photographer wedding first kiss    wedding photographer photography flower toss reception

Documentary Photography
Documentary wedding photography is a method to capture your special day without any bias or modification to the photos.  We believe our artistic and creative style meshes nicely with our documentary wedding photography style.  The two styles are considered opposites in the wedding and portrait photography world, but I find bringing the two together creates a brand new, lively, and engaging perspective.  Neither is complete without the other - documentary is great, but the wedding day or portrait session really comes alive when artistic, creative, and fun abilities are used to compliment it.

Digital Portait & Wedding Photography    

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Anchorage, Alaska Portrait & Wedding Photography
Digital  Photography

Digital Photography or Film photography can be a huge deal for some people.  In reality, there shouldn’t be a big dispute about it.  Both are great mediums for capturing photographs.  Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Personally, I have chosen to use digital for portrait and wedding photography because of its many advantages over traditional film photography. 

Digital photography is now at a level that is on par with or even better than regular film photography.  Digital photography lends itself to greater flexibility, artistic expression, increased workflow, ease of use, ability to edit.  All of this is in the hopes of creating the best photographs for you.  

Film is still a great medium, however its disadvantages are most costly with the purchase of film and development, time consuming with the need to develop the film, the possibility of the photographs being ruined by exposure to light, and lack of seeing the product after it is immediately produced. 

The biggest advantages of digital wedding photography to you will be that more pictures can be taken on your wedding day. We typically average 1000-2000 pictures for each photographer on an 8 hour wedding day.  If we were to use non - digital (film)  as wedding photographers, It would be too costly to take 75+ rolls of film.  Since we do use digital one would ever use up almost 100 rolls of 35mm film in one day

If you are looking for ANYTHING in photography whether it’s: fun, creative, artistic, digital wedding photographyAlaska wedding photography - Anchorage, wedding photographer - Alaska wedding photographers  - Anchorage wedding photographySouth Central Alaska wedding photojournalism – or anything else please call:

Sweet Action Photography at 907.317.5713

Email -  info@sweetactionphotography.com

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