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Anchorage Engagement Portrait Photographers: Fun & Beautiful Couple: Jose & Sherry at Campbell Creek Trailhead in Anchorage, Alaska (AK)

We had a wonderful time on June 9th, 2015 with Jose & Sherry at the Campbell Airstrip Trailhead in Anchorage, Alaska.

Jose told me that he had been a model for 20+ years, and Sherry loves getting her photos taken…hahaha…okay maybe not, but they are a very Photogenic couple.  We had a great time with some humor brought along by one of their bridesmaids. =)  We took about an hour or so just taking an easy going portrait shoot with no fuss or “have to have it just that way”.

Twas lots of fun! =)


Anchorage Alaska Family Portraits – Stewart Family

Returning to the Campbell Airstrip Trailhead, I met up with the Stewart family for a fun and quick family portrait.  The expressions we captured on the littlest one are simply priceless! =)

Anchorage Alaska Maternity & Couple Portrait Photography – Russ & Rachel + Livya (coming soon!)

Two of my really good friends are having their first baby! =)  Congratulations to Russ & Rachel on your first born.  Parenthood is such an adventure with ups, downs, growth, need for prayer, and maturing us in ways we otherwise cannot.  We had such a fun and relaxed time taking maternity photos last Tuesday at the Campbell Airstrip Creek trailhead, one of my favorite places in Anchorage! =)   I love the variety of photos. My favorites show Russ’ true love for his wife and little girl to be: Livya.  I’m looking forward to newborn photos with Livya in the near future. =)


Anchorage Alaska Headshot Portrait for Personal & Commercial Use: O.C. from Keller Williams

Finished up a quick headshot 10-15 minute portrait today with O.C. from Keller Williams. We used Mountain and forest backgrounds with an easy access location right here in Anchorage, Alaska.  He was a  Really nice guy, and I recommend you talk to him if you’re looking for a realtor.


Jessica & Arne’s Engagement Portraits – Anchorage Alaska Engagement Couple Photographers

Jessica & Arne’s Engagement Portraits – Anchorage Alaska Engagement Couple Photographers

Arne & Jessica met me at the Campbell Airstrip Trailhead for some engagement portrait photos.  Arne’s from Norway, and Jessica isn’t, but they are a perfect match in  Alaska, having met while working for the same oil company.  This never would’ve happened 150 Years ago, but thankfully for Jessica & Arne, we live in the future. :)

About the session:  It went incredibly easy (at least from my side of the camera), as it seemed every time I pressed the shutter, Jessica was ready for a new pose. :)   Normally, I am trying to be a photographer, poser creator, coach, and a cross-checker (making sure nothing at all is out of place…).   Halfway through the session I had to ask: “Have you ever modeled?”  Jessica had a puzzled look on her face, and said “uhh…well, actually yes, but noone ever asks that…how’d you know?”

Well, I’ve got my ways… =)


Alaska Anchorage Wedding Photographers – Flattop Wedding Portraits

Alaska Anchorage Wedding Photographers – Flattop Wedding Portraits

It was a cold day for some Alaskan Wedding Photography at Flattop, and if you look closely at the progression of the photos, you’ll see how they got colder.  However, we found some trees to block the wind, which made everyone happy! =)

Anchorage Alaska Newborn Baby Portrait Photography – Nelson Felix III

Anchorage Alaska Newborn Baby Portrait Photography – Nelson Felix III

My good friends, the Felix Family, just had their second child, first boy in June, and I had the honor of photographing his one week old photos. =)  What a beautiful baby & a blessing from our Lord. =)  They are an amazing family & I feel priviliged to konw them.  Congrats, Blessings, & Joy upon your family. =) -Stephen –  Anchorage Alaska Newborn Baby Photographer


Anchorage Alaska Family Portrait Photographer – Tim, Anesha, & Son – Parent & Children’s Pictures

On December 22nd, 2013 we had a beautiful snowy day in Anchorage, Alaska, and what better than to create a Winter Wonderland Photoshoot!  I met with Tim & Anesha on the Tudor Curve for a beautiful snowy photography.  The weather was perfect for fun and frolicking!  What a great time with some awesome Alaska family photos.

Anchorage Alaska Baby Maternity Children Toddler Portrait Photographers: Newborn Girl – Charlotte “Charley”

What an amazingly beautiful baby!  I loved meeting Charley.  She was a sport for doing all different kinds of photos, including some just “nakie” diaper photos.  I loved how expressive she was & that we caught her with her eyes open for the baby portraits.  We took our photos down at the Cuddy Midtown Park near the Loussac Library.  There are some really amazing baby photos in here!  I’m super excited about the newborn pictures! =)


Wasilla Alaska Wedding Photographers – Tie Dye fRENZY! – Lance & Ariel

Alaska Wedding Photographers

Tie Dye fRENZY!  This is what Lance & Ariel’s wedding was about.   A nice small gathering of friends & family in the woods of the grooms’ parents  house in Wasilla, Alaska.  The wedding included awesome tie dye flowers, her friends in tie dye dresses, and the flower girl in a fairy tale tie dye dress.  It was “Legend…wait for it…dary!”   This was one of the most visually attractive weddings I have photographed.  The great outdoors, mixed with the fun, colors made it awesome.  For Wedding Photography Portraits headed down the road to an old abandoned warehouse, a sand & gravel pit, & train tracks to top off this Awesome Tie Dye Alaska Wedding! =)

Anchorage Alaska Engagement Portrait Photographers – Lauree from OK

At the beginning of May, I had the kind pleasure of meeting and photographing Lauree & her fiance for engagement portraits.  Lauree was up from Oklahoma visiting him, and would not return before their wedding in November.  I appreciated how kind, flexible, and easy to photograph they both were.  They were even willing to experiment with a location for creative photographs that I LOVE during the winter, but hadn’t tried in the spring/summer/fall.  At the time, was able to kill my first mosquito (hahaha!), and have since killed many more (*#%ing Mosquitoes!).  The location worked out decently enough, but not quite what I had imagined.  So in return, I wanted to reward them for their efforts & flexibility with a few more photos from a nearby side street & fence that gave us some great natural & relaxed portraits.   I wish them the best for their November wedding! =)

Alaska Baby Photographers – Anchorage Children’s Portraits – Seriously Funny

Alaska Baby Photographers – Anchorage Children’s Portraits – Seriously Funny

Had a fun time at museum with a wonderful portrait session of mother & her baby. I just loved his so serious expressions:  “Why so serious?”  He had such serious expressions it made me smile!  He definitely seemed tired during this child portrait session, which is common with young ones.  But from an artistic perspective, it made the photos such a nice contrast with each other & so many smiling baby photos I’ve taken.  Don’t get me wrong – I love smiling babies!  But this guys’ serious expressions make his smiles all the bigger!  Which of course, he had some great smiles in his children’s portraits session too! =)

Anchorage Alaska Wedding Photography – Joe & Elizabeth – part 2

Here’s round two of the wedding photography taken at Joe & Elizabeth’s wedding.  There were so many great moments from their wedding.  I loved how much they showed their real love for each other throughout the ceremony and day. =)

wedding – these two posts are just the beginning. Enjoy.

Alaska Anchorage Engagement Photography: Leonard & Natalie

I met up with Leonard & Natalie in town square for an engagement photography session  in downtown Anchorage, Alaska.  They were a wonderful couple who I could tell had a great comfort & natural relationship with each other.   During the engagement photography session we tried to move on down to Ship Creek, but found out quickly that the Alaska Railroad doesn’t like visitors.  The security kicked us out of the area, though all we were doing was using the rusted images as backgrounds.  Hopefully in the future we’ll find them friendlier neighbors. =)

Alaska Anchorage Wedding Photography: Kamaria & Wilmoth – Engagement

In addition to their wedding photography, Kamaria & Wilmoth said they wanted to add a post- wedding photography session in which we would photograph them in their wedding attire & then go to Beluga Point for some photos in the style of engagement photography.

We had an interesting & fun photography session.  During our post- wedding photography session, we encountered one of the park’s regular inhabitants.   At first Nolan was really nice & very interested in what we were doing, but kept his distance.   We noticed that he’d had some alcohol, but he remained calm.   As the photography continued, he became a little more friendly, then a little more friendly.  It eventually got to the point that he wanted to either be in the photo or direct me how to take the best photos.  All remained peaceful until the very last moment when we were leaving.  Nolan suddenly took offense to us & became very very confrontational.  Having clients with me & the fragile photo gear that I had on me, my goal was to avoid any physical altercation.  We tried staying calm, but he kept getting closer & closer no matter how quickly we walked.  At one point, I grabbed my keys in my fist just in case.  It seemed he was ready to swing any moment.

Thankfully nothing happened, but man that was an experience!  It did help that we were in a group & I found out later they all would’ve help protect each other, but man I do not wish for another one of those experiences!

The other good news:  We got some great Post- Wedding & Engagement Photography!  Enjoy: