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Wasilla Alaska Wedding Photographers – Tie Dye fRENZY! – Lance & Ariel

Alaska Wedding Photographers

Tie Dye fRENZY!  This is what Lance & Ariel’s wedding was about.   A nice small gathering of friends & family in the woods of the grooms’ parents  house in Wasilla, Alaska.  The wedding included awesome tie dye flowers, her friends in tie dye dresses, and the flower girl in a fairy tale tie dye dress.  It was “Legend…wait for it…dary!”   This was one of the most visually attractive weddings I have photographed.  The great outdoors, mixed with the fun, colors made it awesome.  For Wedding Photography Portraits headed down the road to an old abandoned warehouse, a sand & gravel pit, & train tracks to top off this Awesome Tie Dye Alaska Wedding! =)

Anchorage Alaska Family Portrait Photographers – Rachel & Tim’s Family

Anchorage Alaska Family Portrait Photographers – Rachel & Tim’s Family


Recently Photographed a wonderful family at Cuddy Midtown Park in Anchorage, Alaska.   Rachel & Tim’s family were a lot of fun, and I really liked how silly their daughter Ella smiled.  Overall, I think the photos from this family portrait turned out awesome! =)


Anchorage Alaska Children & Family Portrait Photography – Cuddy Midtown Park

Anchorage Alaska Children & Family Portrait Photography – Cuddy Midtown Park

These were some fun family portraits and children’s photography.  The Children were very energetic and brought their own fun and energy interacting with each other. I enjoy when children have fun with each other as it brings out great smileys and fun children’s pictures

Anchorage Alaska Wedding Photography – Joe & Elizabeth – part 1

Here’s a little preview of the wedding photography taken at Joe & Elizabeth’s wedding.  If I take just one thing away from this wedding, it is that these two people love & cherish each other.  It was so evident throughout the day their joy from being united. =)  What a wonderful experience it was to be there with these two wonderful people who I know have chosen & will continue to be with each other the rest of their lives!   On the photography side of things, they were a ton of fun for wedding photography as they were willing to do whatever & have a lot of fun doing it too! =)  Their smiles, fun personalities & crazy antics helped me run through all of my cards & 70 GB worth of photos in just 5 hours!   More to come in another post, as there were too many photos for this blog to handle!  Enjoy


Alaska Anchorage Wedding Photography: Kamaria & Wilmoth – Engagement

In addition to their wedding photography, Kamaria & Wilmoth said they wanted to add a post- wedding photography session in which we would photograph them in their wedding attire & then go to Beluga Point for some photos in the style of engagement photography.

We had an interesting & fun photography session.  During our post- wedding photography session, we encountered one of the park’s regular inhabitants.   At first Nolan was really nice & very interested in what we were doing, but kept his distance.   We noticed that he’d had some alcohol, but he remained calm.   As the photography continued, he became a little more friendly, then a little more friendly.  It eventually got to the point that he wanted to either be in the photo or direct me how to take the best photos.  All remained peaceful until the very last moment when we were leaving.  Nolan suddenly took offense to us & became very very confrontational.  Having clients with me & the fragile photo gear that I had on me, my goal was to avoid any physical altercation.  We tried staying calm, but he kept getting closer & closer no matter how quickly we walked.  At one point, I grabbed my keys in my fist just in case.  It seemed he was ready to swing any moment.

Thankfully nothing happened, but man that was an experience!  It did help that we were in a group & I found out later they all would’ve help protect each other, but man I do not wish for another one of those experiences!

The other good news:  We got some great Post- Wedding & Engagement Photography!  Enjoy:

The Wedding Photography of Katie and Russ by Anchorage Photographers Sweet Action Photography – Formals

For their wedding pictures, Katie & Russ wanted some fun and creative wedding photographs.  I was excited because that was right up my alley!  Afterall, our slogan is “Fun. Creative. You.”  So we did some fun pictures with the groomsmen checking out the bride, the bridesmaid checking out the groom, the bridemaids finding it adorable when russ “propsed” again to Katie.  I had to bust out the fisheye lens, of course!  In addition, we took some romantic wedding pictures on the wooden bridge by the ski race start/finish.

There’s a lot of variety and fun pictures to see— enjoy!

The Wedding Photography of Katie and Russ by Anchorage Photographers Sweet Action Photography – Ceremony

The wedding ceremony for Katie & Russ was held outside on top of Anchorage’s Kincaid Park’s Chalet.  There were fears of rain before the ceremony, but when it came time, the skies dried and the heavens brightened up.  The decorations were very much who they are & were awesome if you knew them.  The Arch over where the officiant and couple stood was an arch made out of cross country skis tied together & trees lined the aisles.  Katie is HUGE into cross country skiing and Russ seems to really enjoy the outdoors here, so it was very appropriate.

During the ceremony, the vows Russ made were so beautiful that it made Katie cry.  I love photographing emotions of the moment.  As a wedding photographer it’s great catching happy, moving, or touching moments.  The photographs carry so much more depth, and a story with them too.

Alaska Anchorage Wedding Photographers – Katie & Russ Reception Part 2

Here is a second dose of wedding photography pictures from Katie & Russ.  The wedding pictures that I took from this wedding were some of my favorite pictures I took all summer.  It probably helped that Katie & Russ were amazing people that are friendly, and knew how to throw a lively wedding reception party! =)  There were lots of opportunities to try blurred shots dancing shots.  Dancing photographs have always been tough to capture what’s going on, but not make it look akward.  I think I’ve found a style that works well for me. =)

Speaking of dancing, you’ll probably notice some rather risque photographs in this section.  Well, they decided to do a “Hawaiian money dance” which I guess includes placing the money on the wedding couple, and then they have to remove it from their partner’s body….WITH THEIR MOUTH!!!  It started out kinda innocent, but quickly changed its tune thereafter.   (Warning the content you are about to see is rated PG-13. =)  )   It was actually really akward as a wedding photographer to photograph this.  A lot of the times I just put on a wide angle lens, turned on auto-focus, held the camera close & clicked — didn’t even look through the view finder.

I say all of this with the understanding that I realize this was all in good & fun too… =)

Enjoy the wedding photography! =)


Sweet Action Photography


Anchorage Alaska Senior Pictures – Pieter’s Portraits – Kincaid Park

Just had a recent Anchorage senior pictures session with Pieter.  The senior pictures turned out amazing.  =)  It was fun to watch as Pieter became more and more relaxed.  He was really cool about trying out different picture ideas including numerous poses, jumping off a picnic table, sliding down a staircase railing, climbing a bridge, sticking his head through picture frames & even climing into them as well.  I’m really glad that he was down for all of this because it gave his photographs a lot of fun & uniqueness to them.   I am extremely happy with all of the different shots.  And I do have to say, I love having a fisheye lens for senior pictures!  It just adds so much creativity all of its own.  My favorite with the lens has to be Pieter sitting down on the bridge with his legs straight out & his feet pointing different directions.  I also really like the couple of shots in the tunnel where all you see is Pieter’s head & then the ridges of the tunnel, which was actually taken with a fisheye, though it doesn’t look like it.

Tell me what your favorite senior picture is…. =-)

Anchorage Photographers – Alaska Wedding Photography – Russ & Katie’s reception part 1

Russ & Katie’s wedding reception was one of the most fun weddings that I’ve attended as a wedding photographer. =)    The reception was lively, people were up dancing, & I had tons of freedom to move around trying different angles & creative photography that I don’t always have a chance to try at every wedding.  It helped that the dance floor was continually flooded with people moving their hips & shaking their groove things (Yeah, Yeah!).

I experimented with taking pictures at different heights from the floor, standing, standing on a chair, & then the balcony.   I also tried different ways to capture the action.  Stopping the motion completely, completely blurred, & a little bit of inbetween.  I found that my favorite photographs were the ones where people were dancing in the background with blurred movement & I had found an inanimate object such as shoes, the party decorations, or the light & sound equipment to remain in focused.  It took finding a place where I could place the camera on an object like the floor or a railing that wouldn’t move so that I could allow the camera’s shutter to remain open for 3/10 of a second.  It doesn’t seem like that would be that long to hold something still, but the slightest movement of the camera is reflected with a blurred photograph.  Typically photographs under 1/60 of a second are hard to keep still.  It’s much easier at 1/100 or 1/125 of a second to hold it still (That’s 0.01 of a second for those of you needing the digital time equivalent).

Below you’ll find lots of creative wedding photography.  It was a lot of fun to shoot & a lot of fun to look at as well.

What do you think about the photographs?  Do you have any ideas that you’ve imagined or seen before for cool dance photos?

Anchorage Alaska Wedding Photography: Michael & Cindy – Eklutna Lake, Alaska

Michael & Cindy are a wonderful couple!  Very Sweet, polite, fun, & honest.  They’re a couple of Georgia Peaches, who came up to Alaska to get married.  Their original plan was to get married on the top of a mt. via a helicopter flight.  Unfortunately, due to complications with the flight service those plans were scratched (darn!  I was really looking forward to flying in a helicopter over Alaska too!).  Thankfully, they still chose to go with me & I suggested the beautiful location of Eklutna Lake.  Easy Access, Beautiful scenery, & the feel of God’s serene beauty through His Creations. =)

Unfortunately, when we got there that day it was more like an Alanis Morrisette song at first: “It’s like rain, on your wedding day.”…and of course, it was pouring.  Thankfully, The Rev.  Dorthy Torres from Castle Ministries had brought a tent for couple & bridal party to all stand under during the wedding ceremony (& I remember to bring my lens hood, to protect my camera’s lens from rain drops.)  =)       Being the summer that it was, (31+ days of rain in a row) & it being Alaska, it cleared up just after their ceremony & we had some great wedding photographs.

As a wedding photographer, I love it when people get goofy, have fun, and enjoy themselves during the formal wedding photography sessions.  This couple & their family was no exception.  They “hammed it up” when I pulled out a couple of prop photo frames, dancing around, making fun faces, & trying different poses left & right.  It was really fun to photograph because I basically handed their family the frames & said “have fun”  (& they did).  The other wedding photographs were a lot of fun as well, as Michael became a tiny leprechaun that Cindy held in her hand, they reenacted their wedding at the beach of the Eklutna Lake, and had romantic wedding photographs of them walking down a trail together hand-in-hand & arm-in-arm.

I hope you enjoy the wedding photography as much as I enjoyed photographing this wonderful couple! =)

Rev. Dorothy Torres

Wedding Photography: Tadd & Sarah – Anchorage, Alaska (part 2)


I really enjoyed photographing Sarah & Tadd’s wedding.  Watching them interact, you can tell that they’re good for each other.  It was a lot of fun photographing them on their wedding day, as they were down for some pretty goofy ideas:  Including Fisheye lenses close-up, riding on a beluga statue, etc.  They were great sports & allowed us to get all kinds of fun pictures for them.

We started the wedding at Anchorage Cuddy Family Midtown Park behind the Lousac Library, and then migrated down the Seward Highway to Bird Point.  We had a lot of fun taking a TON of formal shots with all of the family & friends.  =)

Here is the second set of wedding photographs for Sarah & Tadd.  For more, please see the post below. =)



(If you would like to see the full wedding photographs please click here.  You can order pictures there as well. =))

Jason & Sheila DeJarlais – Anchorage Wedding Photography

On June 11th, 2010 – Jason & Sheila DeJarlais were married.  It was a nice little wedding that took place in their backyard photographed by wedding photographers Stephen & David of Sweet Action Photography.  The backyard setting had a lot of trees & made for some good formal pictures without a lot of clutter.  Everyone dressed up nicely & the pictures came out looking nice. =)

If you would like to ORDER pictures or see the full wedding please click here.  Here’s a quick preview of the wedding day:

-Stephen & David

Wedding PhotographersSweet Action Photography

Fisheye Fun! (180 degree views)

Recently, I added another lens to my repertoire–the fisheye lens.  I have wanted one of these badly for a long time, but just hadn’t gotten one until I decided to spoil myself one day! =)  For those asking themselves “what’s a fisheye lens?”:  It’s a lens that takes a 180 degree angle picture.  So basically, if there is anything in front of the lens, it will capture it.  I have found that it is very hard to take pictures & not get myself in the picture (be it feet or fingers).  It has a really cool feeling of bending the lines.  Why this happens is because you are taking 180 degrees of view & smashing it into a 3:2 rectangle.

These are a few pictures that I took the first week of having it.  I took it as we went Frolfing (Disc Golf) @ UAA (University of Alaska Anchorage).  Some turned out really sweet.  I’m still learning how to effectivly use it, but am having fun as I go.  I love finding areas with lots of lines in the back/foreground & have the fisheye do its cool effect of “bending the lines.”  Things will look “normal” toward the center & stretched/bent on the sides.

As always:  Enjoy! =)


Sweet Action Photography


Stevie’s First Game of Bowling! =)

Stevie’s first game of bowling was about 2 weeks ago.  =)  We had a blast! =)  Stevie was soo excited going to the bowling alley.  He had just recently learned to play Wii bowling & so we knew that now was the time to go try it out for real. =)

Our trip to the bowling alley took about 4 or 5 times longer than the game itself, but it was great nonetheless.   We started out by choosing to go to the Dimond Center bowling (which is about 15 minutes from our house)   When we were about 3 minutes away from being there, we realized “Oh no!  We forgot to get the camera!” (12 minutes)    SO…we turned around & grabbed it… (another 30 minutes, sub-total 42 minutes).  When we got there we found out that they were closed for the day because of a bowling tourney, even though 2 of the lanes were not being used—lame!  We then got hungry & got some food while we were next to the food court (35 minutes more, sub-total:  77 minutes).  So then we drove to Center bowl about another 15 minutes away (subtotal: 92 mins).  Got our bowling balls, shoes, registered for the game & all:  (10 more minutes:  total: 102 minutes — 1 hour 42 minutes….. Having a good time with your son @ his first bowling game:  TIMELESS!!!)

IN all, it was well worth it!  Stevie had so many good shots & Great Reactions! =)  It will forever be a great family memory! =)

P.S. Steph helped out with a few of the first pictures too!  (She’s a good photographer too…maybe I should see if she’s interested. =) )

Alaska Wedding Photographers – Girdwood, Alaska

Denita & Wesley were married on February 18, 2010.   Denita & Wesley are too very wonderful people.  The have infectious smiles that make you want to smile every time!  When they interacted with me, they were always super polite and very courteous.  I could tell from watching their interactions with each other that they will be good to each other. =)

Their wedding took place in Girdwoord, Alaska at Our Lady of the Snow Chapel.  This was the first wedding that I photographed there, and was very impressed with how beautiful of a chapel it was!  I loved the architecture and wooden beams all around.  It gave it a very personal and rustic feel to the wedding.

I only had an hour to photograph them, but took pictures at a maniac pace!  I ended up with about 600 pictures from that one hour!  Average of 10 pictures a minute!  or one every 6 secs! :)  So, needless to say they got some great coverage of that hour in their lives! :)

Here’s some of my favorite pictures from their wedding.  As usual, Enjoy!

I hope & wish the best for both Denita & Wesley! :)


Mandanas Dental – Commercial Office Photography

Yesterday, I got an opportunity to do something a little different in the field of photography.  I got to go photograph a dental office!  It was my first time trying something like this.  We did the photo shoot after hours, so there weren’t many patients there.  Dr. Mandanas preferred that we got shots to make her dental practice look appealing and welcoming.

I found that as a people person, I prefer some of the shots with Dr. Mandanas and her assistant in the photos, but I am excited that we were still able to get quite a few interesting shots.  The biggest difficulty was having enough space to shoot the angle that I wanted to get the picture at.

Here are some of my favs:



Sweet Action Photography

Jaci and Justin Engagement Photography – Anchorage Alaska

Jaci & Justin were a very fun couple to photograph.  Jaci called me on the phone about 2 weeks ago & said that she needed someone to take pictures that week because she was flying back down to Texas to get married in April.   She was up here visiting her fiance Justin, who is stationed here on Fort Richardson, Alaska.  She also mentioned that she would be really excited to get some very Alaskan engagement pictures.

We headed out of town toward Beluga Point to take some photographs out on the island, overlooking the inlet.  Unfortunately as we were headed South down the inlet, a giant gray cloud mass was headed North up the inlet.  We may a quick change of plans and stopped at Potter’s Marsh – just barely outside of Anchorage.  The sun was shining & creating an awesome glow on their skin.  We took some beautiful engagement photos overlooking the inlet & a ton back on the boardwalk overlooking Potter Marsh.

Best of Luck on your marriage in April! =)


Anchorage Alaska Family Portraits – Stevie – The Cool Dude

Hello ALL!

The other day Stevie was being super funny with his glasses. Of course, as soon as I grab my camera he became camera shy. I still got a few shots that are pretty cool, but I only had about one minute of portrait photography time. Bummer because he was super funny! =)

I’ve made it my goal with this blog to post new pictures twice a week. Whether they’re family or work related, I’ll be keeping this page updated a lot better than I have with other pages. The nice thing is that this blog is posted on my wedding photography website – Sweet Action Photography, so I am the one in complete control of the blog. Google won’t be deleting it, and I don’t have to worry about ads on my pages either! =)

Enjoy the pics!


Alaska wedding photography – Wasilla, Alaska – Emily & Cory’s Reception

Emily & Cory’s reception took place at the same place as their ceremony (but NOT outside! =-) )  It was a nice mellow & relaxed reception with very welcoming and warm people.  I enjoyed photographing everyone there.   Most people were really welcoming to have their picture taken by the “wedding photographer”, and even if not, I usually was able to sneak in a quick shot with a nice smile as they talked with someone else ( “Thank you, Zoom lens!”).

The catering was awesome, as I was very familiar with KFC.  =)  The reception had a very nice & intimate feel to it.  The laid back atmosphere was a nice change for me, as it meant I had a bit of a chance to get to know the guests.  Typically at receptions I’m so busy taking pictures because of all the activities going on that I’ll grab some food to eat, but then will immediately have to set it down & take pictures.  From time to time I’ll be able to scoot back to the table to grab something, but only for a minute or two because I see something that would be great to photograph. =)

Below is a smattering of the wedding photography pictures taken at the reception.  If you would like to order any prints of these pictures, I will be posting a link on this blog post soon, once I have all of the software uploaded & ready to go. =)  So feel free to check back when possible.

Enjoy the wedding pictures! =)


Alaska wedding photography taken in wasilla from Emily and Cory’s wedding on December 30, 2009.

This is the fourth post in a series of 4 posts of the wedding photography from their wedding on Dec. 30, 2009.  These are the photographs taken at Emily & Cory’s reception.

I really enjoyed being at their wedding. The people there were great! I had many very positive & enjoyable conversations. I truly felt welcomed by all there at the wedding, even though nobody had ever met me before. =) If asked to do the wedding agin, I would definitely jump at the opportunity

I hope best wishes for all— especially Emily & Cory! =)

Alaska wedding photography in Wasilla, Alaska – Formal Poses

Immediately after the ceremony we moved back down the hill to take some classic wedding photography shots.  Since it was cold outside, we got many shots of people in jackets–depicting the “REAL Alaskan Wedding!” as Emily had told me when she first described her wedding ceremony.

The formals shots turned out pretty well, but I do have to say that there was this piece of light that really made things tricky.  Shots that I thought would be great, weren’t up to my expectations, but I’m happy to say there were still plenty of other wedding photography shots that turned out well.  As a photographer, it’s frustrating when something you visualize in your mind not be depicted in the picture that I have taken.  Despite all of that to say, I feel that the photographs for this Alaska wedding turned out really well overall. =)  My #1 goal is to give a great service and product for all of the wedding photography that I do.

My favorite wedding photography poses had to be the whole party jumping at once.  In the sequence of photos it looked like a wave was being created by the jump.  The left part of the line jumped first, and it followed progressively throughout the line til the end on the right side. Finally, The wedding party decided to brave the cold momentarily & take some nice formal shots with their beautiful dresses & tuxes.

I hope you enjoyed,

Stephen Bahner

Sweet Action Photography

Alaska wedding photography

Alaska wedding photography taken in wasilla from Emily and Cory’s wedding.

This is the third post in a series of 4 posts of the wedding photography from their wedding. There are a few of the pictures from photographed after the ceremony.

I really enjoyed being at their wedding. The people there were great! I had many very positive & enjoyable conversations. I truly felt welcomed by all there at the wedding, even though nobody had ever met me before. =) If asked to do the wedding agin, I would definitely jump at the opportunity

I hope best wishes for all— especially Emily & Cory! =)

Alaska wedding photography in Wasilla, Alaska of Emily and Cory – The Ceremony!

The ceremony turned out really well. It was beautiful doing wedding photography at such a beautiful location as Wasilla outdoors. When I first heard about the wedding being an outdoor wedding in December, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to photograph the wedding. I thought “What a cool idea to have an outdoor wedding in December.” As I got to thinking about it more & more, I realized that the word cool really meant what a COLD wedding this would be to photography.

Thankfully, the wedding ended up being during about 15-20 degrees F (-5 C for those Canadians not watching the Olympics :) ) so it wasn’t too bad. Of course, I had the luxury of wearing a jacket & looking ridiculous with two hats on my head. That’s right–two hats on my head! I looked ridiculous, but stayed warm! =)

The ceremony turned out really well & we got some really beautiful wedding photography shots, including some awesome shots of the couple walking down the aisle & confetti flying everywhere. It was an awesome moment to be a wedding photographer. =)


Sweet Action Trumpeter to usher in the party!!!

Alaska wedding photography taken in wasilla from Emily and Cory’s wedding on December 30, 2009.

This is the second post in a series of 4 posts of the wedding photography from their wedding on Dec. 30, 2009. There are a few of the pictures from photographed from the ceremony.

I really enjoyed being at their wedding. The people there were great! I had many very positive & enjoyable conversations. I truly felt welcomed by all there at the wedding, even though nobody had ever met me before. =) If asked to do the wedding agin, I would definitely jump at the opportunity

I hope best wishes for all— especially Emily & Cory! =)

Alaska Wedding Photography – Wasilla – Emily & Cory

Alaska wedding photography taken in wasilla from Emily and Cory’s wedding.

This is the first post in a series of 4 posts from their wedding. There are a few of the pictures from before their wedding.

I really enjoyed being at their wedding. The people there were great! I had many very positive & enjoyable conversations. I truly felt welcomed by all there at the wedding, even though nobody had ever met me before. =) If asked to do the wedding again, I would definitely jump at the opportunity!

I hope best wishes for all— especially Emily & Cory! =)


Stephen Bahner

Sweet Action Photography