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Anchorage Alaska Family Portraits – Stewart Family

Returning to the Campbell Airstrip Trailhead, I met up with the Stewart family for a fun and quick family portrait.  The expressions we captured on the littlest one are simply priceless! =)

Anchorage Family Portraits – Peter’s Creek, Alaska – Beautiful Fall Foliage

What a wonderful family portraits session I had with Richelle & her family at Peter’s Creek, Alaska.  They were very friendly & the kids were full of expression.  I loved meeting with them for this Fall Anchorage Family Portrait session.  The leaf fight was by far my favorite scenes to shoot!

Alaska Anchorage Family Portraits from Cuddy Midtown Park

Alaska Anchorage Family Portrait photographers with a family portrait session at Cuddy Midtown park in Anchorage, Alaska.

Alaska Anchorage Family Portraits – Huffords round #2

This is the second set of Family Portraits from the Hufford family.  Their son had a much better time being inside & running around in the play area.  The stairs were easily his favorite as this 18 month old conquered the world by reaching the top!  The family was a joy to work with & we are praying them the best as he is headed overseas to serve our country in Afghanistan for the third time.

Anchorage Alaska Wedding Photography: Michael & Cindy – Eklutna Lake, Alaska

Michael & Cindy are a wonderful couple!  Very Sweet, polite, fun, & honest.  They’re a couple of Georgia Peaches, who came up to Alaska to get married.  Their original plan was to get married on the top of a mt. via a helicopter flight.  Unfortunately, due to complications with the flight service those plans were scratched (darn!  I was really looking forward to flying in a helicopter over Alaska too!).  Thankfully, they still chose to go with me & I suggested the beautiful location of Eklutna Lake.  Easy Access, Beautiful scenery, & the feel of God’s serene beauty through His Creations. =)

Unfortunately, when we got there that day it was more like an Alanis Morrisette song at first: “It’s like rain, on your wedding day.”…and of course, it was pouring.  Thankfully, The Rev.  Dorthy Torres from Castle Ministries had brought a tent for couple & bridal party to all stand under during the wedding ceremony (& I remember to bring my lens hood, to protect my camera’s lens from rain drops.)  =)       Being the summer that it was, (31+ days of rain in a row) & it being Alaska, it cleared up just after their ceremony & we had some great wedding photographs.

As a wedding photographer, I love it when people get goofy, have fun, and enjoy themselves during the formal wedding photography sessions.  This couple & their family was no exception.  They “hammed it up” when I pulled out a couple of prop photo frames, dancing around, making fun faces, & trying different poses left & right.  It was really fun to photograph because I basically handed their family the frames & said “have fun”  (& they did).  The other wedding photographs were a lot of fun as well, as Michael became a tiny leprechaun that Cindy held in her hand, they reenacted their wedding at the beach of the Eklutna Lake, and had romantic wedding photographs of them walking down a trail together hand-in-hand & arm-in-arm.

I hope you enjoy the wedding photography as much as I enjoyed photographing this wonderful couple! =)

Rev. Dorothy Torres

Alaska Wedding Photographers – Girdwood, Alaska

Denita & Wesley were married on February 18, 2010.   Denita & Wesley are too very wonderful people.  The have infectious smiles that make you want to smile every time!  When they interacted with me, they were always super polite and very courteous.  I could tell from watching their interactions with each other that they will be good to each other. =)

Their wedding took place in Girdwoord, Alaska at Our Lady of the Snow Chapel.  This was the first wedding that I photographed there, and was very impressed with how beautiful of a chapel it was!  I loved the architecture and wooden beams all around.  It gave it a very personal and rustic feel to the wedding.

I only had an hour to photograph them, but took pictures at a maniac pace!  I ended up with about 600 pictures from that one hour!  Average of 10 pictures a minute!  or one every 6 secs! :)  So, needless to say they got some great coverage of that hour in their lives! :)

Here’s some of my favorite pictures from their wedding.  As usual, Enjoy!

I hope & wish the best for both Denita & Wesley! :)


Anchorage Alaska Family Portraits – Stevie – The Cool Dude

Hello ALL!

The other day Stevie was being super funny with his glasses. Of course, as soon as I grab my camera he became camera shy. I still got a few shots that are pretty cool, but I only had about one minute of portrait photography time. Bummer because he was super funny! =)

I’ve made it my goal with this blog to post new pictures twice a week. Whether they’re family or work related, I’ll be keeping this page updated a lot better than I have with other pages. The nice thing is that this blog is posted on my wedding photography website – Sweet Action Photography, so I am the one in complete control of the blog. Google won’t be deleting it, and I don’t have to worry about ads on my pages either! =)

Enjoy the pics!


Stevie’s “Old Man Hands”

Here’s a few shots of my son Stephen Ray, just after his 1+ hour bath.  His hands turned so wrinkled from the water.  It was really funny looking in person.  These portrait shots of Stevie turned out really cute & show how wrinkly his hands were.  I even got a sweet shot of his foot too!

On a side note, Stevie is now really loving his picture taken. =)  For a while, he was super afraid of the camera.  However, thanks to digital photography, he loves to see his own picture.   After seeing his picture, he always response “Look!  There’s Stevie Baby!”

Thanks for visiting! =)


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