FAQs – Alaska Wedding Photojournalism & Anchorage Portrait Photographers

What is your style?
We love Creative, Fun, and goofy photos too!  We are constantly creating new ideas for terrific photos.  We bring lots of creative ideas for unique, interesting portrait and wedding photos.  We like our clients to have fun while working with us in a no-stress atmosphere.  Our favorite photos come from people acting natural and relaxed.  Therefore, we do our best to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere, while staying out of your way or bossing you around.  If you need direction, we’re here to help. =)  However, we like it best when you’re able to be yourself with your loved one(s).   We’ll also make sure to steal some moments to go exploring & find the most interesting and photographic landscapes and backgrounds to make awesome photos for you. =)

What do your packages generally include?

All wedding and event packages include high resolution digital files, with a copyright release, so you can produce as many prints as you would like! =)  We also upload the photos to our website for friends and family to view anywhere. Additionally, we provide a Free engagement, Trash the Dress, or One year anniversary photo session with most packages.  Please check out our prices page for more information.  You can add an optional custom Zookbinders album.
For portrait photography(including Family portraits, High Senior pictures , Baby, Children, and maternity), we generally shoot between 300-600 photos in 1.5 hour time of “The Best Deal for You.”   Again, We do not limit the number of images, but rather take as many as possible to give you the best possible photographic product. =)
Do you believe in Unicorns?
No, but I do think they’re awesome! =)
How many photos will we receive with our package?

Generally, we shoot about 1500-4000 photos at a wedding 5-11 hours long per photographer.  So, you may receive 3000+ photos!  (Don’t worry! We’ll cut out that photo with your eyes half open & tongue hanging out sideways) We are constantly clicking away, to make sure you have the complete story of your day.  We do not want to leave little details to rest without
For portrait photography (including Family portraits, High Senior pictures , Baby, Children, and maternity) we generally shoot between 300-600 photos in 1.5 hour time of “The Best Deal for You.”   Again, We do not limit the number of images, but rather take as many as possible to give you the best possible photographic product.
Can I bring my favorite Dog, Cat, Horse, hamster, guinea pig, monkey, giraffe, or elephant with me to the photo shoot?
Yes!  Please do, We love animals!  But if you bring an elephant, can I have a ride on him/her?

 What equipment do you use?

Canon 5d Mark 2 digital cameras & L series lenses equipment.  These are top of the line cameras & lenses that offer the best in color, clarity, and crispness of images.  We use the best, because we want to give you the best. =)

Do you offer black and white or sepia images, as well as color?

Yes! We offer Black and white, sepia, & color with no extra charge.  We’re happy to give you copies of both color & copies of Black & White as well. 

Do we get the full size digital image files or reduced size?

We give you the full-size picture!  You can use these for prints, Facebook, or your own digital photo frame.  Use these for the largest prints possible. =) 

How does the copyright work?

You can produce as much as you like!  We give you a copyright release to produce as much as you want, put them not the websites, etc. 

Why can’t pigs fly?
Scientifically speaking, birds of a feather flock together, and pigs have no feathers. Also, pigs can’t quack very well.  There may be other physical obstacles that scientist are currently looking into.

Do you photograph formal shots of family and friends?

We can photograph whatever you would like photographed! =)  We love fun, and creative photos, and formals can definitely be as fun, creative, or traditional as you want.  Add as many people as you want (seriously, we’ve taken shots with 100+ people in them)! Having fun is the most important part of formals. =)   Have ideas for poses or shots you want?  We can do those idea! =)  Don’t have any ideas?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with tons of ideas! =)
What is a “Zookbinders” Album?

Zookbinders Albums are custom wedding albums hand-crafted near Chicago, Illinois.  Click on the Zookbinders link above to see some examples of the albums we offer.  Also, they DO NOT come from a ZOO! =)
Do you offer Video as well? No. =(  We want to provide you with the best product possible.  Knowing that we are very good at photography (and not as much as videography), we want to stay with what we know and give you great photography. =)
I would like to reserve my wedding date, and take some awesome photos with you,  now what?

Call, Text, or send Smoke Signals to Stephen:  907.317.5713.  or e-mail info@sweetactionphotography.com to see if your wedding date is  availability, and to discuss your wedding.  You can also Book Your Wedding Online. A deposit of 1/2 the total package price will reserve your date. The remaining 1/2 will not have to be paid until you receive your photos.

I would like to get for a portrait, and take some creative pics with you, now what?

Please Call, Text, or Send Smoke Signals to Stephen:  907.317.5713.  or e-mail info@sweetactionphotography.com, and we will setup a good time for some amazing memories. =)