Who We Are

We love meeting people and taking fun, creative, romantic, classy, & (sometimes) goofy photos of you! We have been been professional wedding and portraits photographers since 2007.  We love the challenge of continually pushing the art of photography in new & creative directions.  Also, we like purple elephants! =)

Joy? Fun? Easy going? Oh yeah! These things describe us well. We’ve got this deep down joy, love having fun, & are very easy going (most of the time!). =) We are good friends of each other & feed on that friendship as we work on photography together. Our greatest joy in photography is seeing others’ joy in a moment captured perfectly.
Stephen is the lead photographer documents the events of the day in fun & interesting ways. He really enjoys the personal interactions & capturing the joys/emotions of the day. Stephen loves to be creative with his photography. If he comes across a scene where a picture would simply be “ordinary” or “normal,” he immediately begins strategizing how to make a more creative & lively photograph. He doesn’t settle for status quo, and expects each of his pictures to be taken to the next level. In addition to this creative & fun style, he enjoys employing a photojournalistic style approach. What does this mean? It means he likes to blend into the background & capture the wedding as it naturally unfolds.
David is great at catching amazing candid wedding photography. During weddings, he is constantly scouting the floor for interesting emotions & subjects to photograph. David is great at telling the same story in a different way. Time & time again David has brought extra depth to our photography from his unique perspective. He has a great eye for capturing subtle events at great angles.

Kristin has added an entirely new dynamic to the team – Estrogen! =)  She’s amazing & great to have a woman’s touch on the business (apparently, we needed it!…atleast according to Stephen’s wife).  When she’s not running around take awesome bridal portraits, she’s helping us out on facebook and social media to keep us “Relevant”. Who We Are

What is Your Style?

Our style isn’t merely documentary or photojournalistic. We have the most fun creating artistic, creative, and fun shots. Artistic photography includes creative angles, lines, patterns, textures, and lighting make amazing photos. Artistic and creative portrait & wedding photography often includes more post production to stylize the photos using effects such as black and white, sepia, soft focus, glow, black and white w/ just a specific section colored, etc. Using these techniques appropriately can mean amazing photography.

Documentary wedding photography is a method to capture your special day without any bias or modification to the photos. We believe our artistic and creative style meshes nicely with our documentary wedding photography style. The two styles are considered opposites in the wedding and portrait photography world, but I find bringing the two together creates a brand new, lively, and engaging perspective. Neither is complete without the other – documentary is great, but the wedding day or portrait session really comes alive when artistic, creative, and fun abilities are used to compliment it.


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