Stevie’s first game of bowling was about 2 weeks ago.  =)  We had a blast! =)  Stevie was soo excited going to the bowling alley.  He had just recently learned to play Wii bowling & so we knew that now was the time to go try it out for real. =)

Our trip to the bowling alley took about 4 or 5 times longer than the game itself, but it was great nonetheless.   We started out by choosing to go to the Dimond Center bowling (which is about 15 minutes from our house)   When we were about 3 minutes away from being there, we realized “Oh no!  We forgot to get the camera!” (12 minutes)    SO…we turned around & grabbed it… (another 30 minutes, sub-total 42 minutes).  When we got there we found out that they were closed for the day because of a bowling tourney, even though 2 of the lanes were not being used—lame!  We then got hungry & got some food while we were next to the food court (35 minutes more, sub-total:  77 minutes).  So then we drove to Center bowl about another 15 minutes away (subtotal: 92 mins).  Got our bowling balls, shoes, registered for the game & all:  (10 more minutes:  total: 102 minutes — 1 hour 42 minutes….. Having a good time with your son @ his first bowling game:  TIMELESS!!!)

IN all, it was well worth it!  Stevie had so many good shots & Great Reactions! =)  It will forever be a great family memory! =)

P.S. Steph helped out with a few of the first pictures too!  (She’s a good photographer too…maybe I should see if she’s interested. =) )