Recently, I added another lens to my repertoire–the fisheye lens.  I have wanted one of these badly for a long time, but just hadn’t gotten one until I decided to spoil myself one day! =)  For those asking themselves “what’s a fisheye lens?”:  It’s a lens that takes a 180 degree angle picture.  So basically, if there is anything in front of the lens, it will capture it.  I have found that it is very hard to take pictures & not get myself in the picture (be it feet or fingers).  It has a really cool feeling of bending the lines.  Why this happens is because you are taking 180 degrees of view & smashing it into a 3:2 rectangle.

These are a few pictures that I took the first week of having it.  I took it as we went Frolfing (Disc Golf) @ UAA (University of Alaska Anchorage).  Some turned out really sweet.  I’m still learning how to effectivly use it, but am having fun as I go.  I love finding areas with lots of lines in the back/foreground & have the fisheye do its cool effect of “bending the lines.”  Things will look “normal” toward the center & stretched/bent on the sides.

As always:  Enjoy! =)


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