Hey All You Health Teachers,
I have created a bunch of videos for dancing along with the kindergarten songs. Currently, ASD Tube  Is not allowing for uploads because of a shortage of personnel. I have contacted the people who are in charge of ASDTUBE now, but they still have yet to get back to me. In the meantime, I wanted you all to be able to see/use these videos of a tall funky lanky white guy trying to dance to the kindergarten songs—This is of course me. :-) ( If you have something funny to says about them,  don’t say behind my back, say it to me. :-) ) I am Well aware that I look really silly and the videos. :-)
I uploaded them to my personal site for photography for the time being.  These are hosted on my site, so download times won’t be as fast as downloading from Discovery Learning or Google.  But if you’re patient, they will download. =)  Please Right Click, Save as.  This will download it.  If you watch it on the site, it will take forever, and slow the site down. =(

REMEMBER:  Right-Click, save link as.  (MAC USERS:  Hold CONTROL while you click.  Then choose, “Save link as…”)

I believe that they will be useful to your classroom. Especially for new teachers who are just learning all the curriculum. :-) Feel free to either take my ideas, use only the video and have the students dance along, or take some pieces of my dances and make up your own. :-)   (***I didnt make a video for songs 6 or 8—there’s not enough to dance to.  Have fun using Dr. Smartstuff puppet with your class! =)***)

Stephen Bahner

Health Teacher

Wonder Park/ Muldoon / Chester Valley


KINDERGARTEN DANCE VIDEOS – Download Please:  Right-Click, then Save Link As — viewing on the site, bogs it down.
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Parent Letters Home By Grade Level: Download Please:  Right-Click, then Save Link As. =)
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1st Grade Parent Letters

2nd Grade Parent Letters

3rd Grade Parent Letters

4th Grade Parent Letters

5th Grade Parent Letters

Parent Letters Home By Month:
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September: Safety and personal safety (including abuse prevention: Students learn to say NO!, GO away from the situation, & TELLi an adult they trust).

October: Body Systems

November: Nutrition

December: Families, Dental Health, Body Systems part 2

January Growing Up!

February: Human Growth and Development

March: Say No to Drugs!

April: Illness Prevention

May: Exercise