If you check our previous post, you’ll see the originals.  In this set from the helicopter wedding photography, we did a lot of mixing it up.  I really had a lot of fun.  There’s some that I like more than others, but I just wanted to give a good variety, and have fun with these photos.  To more on the story of the wedding story, please check the previous post.  There were for fun.  If you’re interested in having us do your wedding, we’d be happy to make photos like this for you, or completely avoid doing this, based on your preference.  As professional wedding photographers, we always try to match our style for your wedding with what type of photography. :)

You may notice a few of the landscape shots from our wedding photography look normal, but really they include a retouching from a water spot from some melted snow, and a small hair and dust that got stuck onto the lens from the fans blowing around in the helicopter before I noticed it.  Thankfully, we live in a digital world, and I’ll bet you would be hard pressed to find the blemishes that were on the original landscape shots.

Please enjoy these fun wedding photography photos