Had a fun maternity photography session with my friends Stephen & Danielle.  They are about 9 months pregnant and bursting at the seam. =)  The sun was blazing this day, so in order to avoid over-contrast, we kept ducking for the shade.  I loved how playful and caring they were with each other.  You can see how much they love and care for each other in these photos.

For a fun photo, check out the maternity photos of David (their baby) & his new set of glasses!

Danielle & Stephen are so happy to be having their little man David, expected Mid-July.  Coincidentally, our son Shaelom, was born one year ago on July 13th.  So might we have a double-dip birthday party on the 13th?  Who knows!?

Stephen Bahner

Anchorage Maternity Photography

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