We had a lot of fun taking fun, and creative pictures of the time at the ball.  Our goal with dancing photography was to give a look of fun, movement, and dancing.  In order to achieve that we used flashes combined with a slower shutter speed.  You will notice fun and creative photos that can including blurs, movement, and even “ghosting,” where an object or person is rather see through b/c they moved during the time of photo taking.

The  first batch of candid photos from the Cavalry Ball can be found on our Order Page.   One more post will be to follow at a later date. =)  The Downloads are free to download, but it is similar to a cart system, where you’ll need to check out in order to download them.  Don’t worry, there’s no cost for the Cavarly Ball Photos.  This way will just work better with my website’s hosting system.

Anchorage Event Photography

by Sweet Action Photography.