So, I found out that:  A Funny Thing Happens When You Email Pictures of Winter – It Snows!!!

On Tuesday Evening, I finally made the time to go through some old pictures I took in December of the school that I work at.  I found my favorites, touched them up, and emailed them to everybody.  The pictures were to be a tribute to the winter we just made it out of (it has been 40-45 in Anchorage the past week & almost all of the snow is melted).    Well, I woke up to a surprise!  6 inches of snow on the ground.

Stephanie must have a good 6th sense because before I even opened the window she asked “Did it snow last night?”  I had no idea it was even predicted.  My reaction was “Oh, (expletive)!”  When I opened up my email @ work I found about 25 emails back to me about the weather.  One read “Nice job, Bahner!”  So, I quickly wrote back an email saying “I take FULL BLAME for the snow!”

I also included one of my favorite pics I have taken, which is a teacher at our school whom I have entitled “The GROOVIEST man at school” because I caught him in action throwing up the peace sign.  It looks awesome.  Take a look at all of the pictures below…