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Jessica & Arne’s Engagement Portraits – Anchorage Alaska Engagement Couple Photographers

Jessica & Arne’s Engagement Portraits – Anchorage Alaska Engagement Couple Photographers

Arne & Jessica met me at the Campbell Airstrip Trailhead for some engagement portrait photos.  Arne’s from Norway, and Jessica isn’t, but they are a perfect match in  Alaska, having met while working for the same oil company.  This never would’ve happened 150 Years ago, but thankfully for Jessica & Arne, we live in the future. :)

About the session:  It went incredibly easy (at least from my side of the camera), as it seemed every time I pressed the shutter, Jessica was ready for a new pose. :)   Normally, I am trying to be a photographer, poser creator, coach, and a cross-checker (making sure nothing at all is out of place…).   Halfway through the session I had to ask: “Have you ever modeled?”  Jessica had a puzzled look on her face, and said “uhh…well, actually yes, but noone ever asks that…how’d you know?”

Well, I’ve got my ways… =)


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Anchorage Alaska Engagement Portrait Photographers – Lauree from OK

At the beginning of May, I had the kind pleasure of meeting and photographing Lauree & her fiance for engagement portraits.  Lauree was up from Oklahoma visiting him, and would not return before their wedding in November.  I appreciated how kind, flexible, and easy to photograph they both were.  They were even willing to experiment with a location for creative photographs that I LOVE during the winter, but hadn’t tried in the spring/summer/fall.  At the time, was able to kill my first mosquito (hahaha!), and have since killed many more (*#%ing Mosquitoes!).  The location worked out decently enough, but not quite what I had imagined.  So in return, I wanted to reward them for their efforts & flexibility with a few more photos from a nearby side street & fence that gave us some great natural & relaxed portraits.   I wish them the best for their November wedding! =)

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Anchorage Couple’s Portraits – Alaska Engagement Photography – April 19th, 2013

A beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day to… take some awesome engagement photos of Shelby & Her soon-to-be hubby. =)  We met just off the road on tudor & enjoyed some April sun rays.  Then later headed down Tudor for one of my favorite portrait places: the bridge on campbell creek.  As always, I loved seeing their love for each other, and the precious time spent together.   I felt honored by some great compliments from the couple, saying how relaxed and natural they felt with me as their photographer throughout the engagement photography session.  :)  It always makes my day to hear I helped make other’s days too. =)

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Anchorage Alaska Engagement Photographers – Downtown urban photography

Photoshoot taken in Town Square in downtown, Anchorage, Alaska.

Anchorage Alaska Engagement Photographers Downtown urban photography

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Anchorage Engagement Portraits – Photography of David & Clarissa

Had a wonderful time with David & Clarissa at Glen Alps, Flat Top in Anchorage, Alaska.  We had an engagement portrait session with some rather perfect weather, that is if you’re not wearing Converse Tennis Shoes (right, David?).  The scenery is stunning as always, and the photos came out great.  However, my favorite part of the engagement portrait shoot was watching the interaction, care, & devotion these two already have towards each other.  I can tell they are just good to each other & for each other.  It doesn’t take too hard of a look to see those essential elements pop in the engagement photos below.

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Anchorage Engagement Photography – Fun & Goofy

Had the pleasure of taking some engagement photos of a fun and goofy couple at the museum in Anchorage, Alaska.  I had so much fun as they made the experience super enjoyable for both them and myself.  It was great to see what I tell people that the more fun they have, the more fun the photos are! :)


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Anchorage Engagement Photography – Mike & Savannah

Here’s a look at Mike & Savannah’s Engagement Photography taken in downtown, Anchorage, Alaska .  It was fun photographing them because I’ve known Mike for over 10 years now & Savannah for a couple of years.  When they first got together, they lit up each others’ worlds & it’s a great joy to see them taking their relationship to the next level.  I’m looking forward to many more years of knowing them & seeing them grow.  =)

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Anchorage Engagement Photography -Cuddy Midtown Park – Eryn & Jordan

Anchorage Engagement Photography of Eryn & Jordan took place at the Cuddy Midtown Park next to the Lousac Library in Anchorage, Alaska.  I really have fallen in love with this location for portrait shoots – it’s hardly windy, has a great variety of backgrounds, & is in midtown – close no matter what part of town you’re in.

These two were a ton of fun, as Eryn has a wonderfully goofy & fun personality.  Jordan, no rookie to photoshoots, shared an interesting experience of having been a wrist watch model.  I had met with Eryn beforehand to discuss wedding photography with her before they had to move it to an out-of-state location, and I how outgoing & happy she always was.  You don’t have to look too far in these pictures to see her cheerful personality showing. =)  It was a nice, relaxing experience for everyone. :) Enjoy their engagement photography!


Sweet Action Photography



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Anchorage Alaska Engagement Photography – Andrew & Krystal

Andrew & Krystal were real troopers.  It was February & we chose Beluga Point as our location for engagement photography – too windy.  So we moved to McHugh Creek – Normally wind covered & perfect – again too windy.  We did take some photos there, but we were all soo cold to the bone – so we moved over to the Anchorage museum & had a wonderful time being warm…. (& taking photos). =)


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Alaska Anchorage Engagement Photography: Leonard & Natalie

I met up with Leonard & Natalie in town square for an engagement photography session  in downtown Anchorage, Alaska.  They were a wonderful couple who I could tell had a great comfort & natural relationship with each other.   During the engagement photography session we tried to move on down to Ship Creek, but found out quickly that the Alaska Railroad doesn’t like visitors.  The security kicked us out of the area, though all we were doing was using the rusted images as backgrounds.  Hopefully in the future we’ll find them friendlier neighbors. =)

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Justin & Sarah’s Engagement photos – Anchorage photographers – Sweet Action Photography

We just had a fun engagement photography session with Justin & Sarah down near Beluga Point.  They were great sports in trying out a ton of different locations around Beluga Point & were awesome trying out new poses.   I really liked the Black & White Photography, especially with all of the rocks & nice backgrounds.  The photos came out classic looking. =)   Enjoy the engagement photography:









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Jaci and Justin Engagement Photography – Anchorage Alaska

Jaci & Justin were a very fun couple to photograph.  Jaci called me on the phone about 2 weeks ago & said that she needed someone to take pictures that week because she was flying back down to Texas to get married in April.   She was up here visiting her fiance Justin, who is stationed here on Fort Richardson, Alaska.  She also mentioned that she would be really excited to get some very Alaskan engagement pictures.

We headed out of town toward Beluga Point to take some photographs out on the island, overlooking the inlet.  Unfortunately as we were headed South down the inlet, a giant gray cloud mass was headed North up the inlet.  We may a quick change of plans and stopped at Potter’s Marsh – just barely outside of Anchorage.  The sun was shining & creating an awesome glow on their skin.  We took some beautiful engagement photos overlooking the inlet & a ton back on the boardwalk overlooking Potter Marsh.

Best of Luck on your marriage in April! =)


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